Review: Shaken: A James Bond Cabaret

Lining up at the bar before this show I thought it calls for something shaken and not stirred. You couldn’t have a James Bond Cabaret and expect not to find a martini on offer but if it’s just a pint of beer you can have that too. It’s good preparation as you wait to find the answer to the age-old question…who is the best Bond star of all?

The charismatic stars Erin Hutchinson and Charlie D Barkle belt out some renditions of well-known Bond theme songs including hits from Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner and Adele.

Shaken is an entertaining show filled with all the essential Bond elements including cheesy choreography, trivia and jokes.

The competition during the show covers three rounds starting with that important question of who is the best ‘action’ Bond – is it Dalton or Brosnan? Then we ponder who was the best one hit wonder Niven or Lazenby and finally it’s that classic question of Connery vs Moore.

The audience throws in a few curve balls with random people selected who choose their favourite Bond adding points to the score.

Sir Roger Moore was the winner last night, which I know pleased our editor as Moore was her favourite Bond (much to the disappointment of her partner who argues that Connery is the one and only). See you must see it as it’s a great conversation starter…

Shaken captures the crowd with a show utilises 56 years of trivia, anecdotes and songs about the man known simply as 007.

Nothing spans the generations like the James Bond franchise and Erin and Charlie add the essential dynamics to ensure the audience in is stitches… I left feeling shaken and stirred!

Whether you’re a Bond fan or not, personally I’ve only seen Skyfall, but this show was a cracker and definitely worth its money penny.

Shaken: A James Bond Cabaret

6-11 February at 8pm
The Ellington Jazz Club

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