Reducing the burden on Asbestos and Silicosis Sufferers in WA

Danger Asbestos in this area sign

Founded in 1979 Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia is Australia’s leading health and advocacy association assisting persons exposed to asbestos, silica and other dust diseases. 

The (ADSA) law reform agenda to achieve justice for asbestos diseases sufferers commenced in 1983 successfully lobbying for latency period for Asbestos diseases to be included in the Limitation Act. Thus, opening the door for previously statute barred asbestos diseases sufferers to commence an action. 

Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia CEO, Melita Markey said: “The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia (ADSA) and Unions WA congratulates the Cook Government on another step forward in law reform for Asbestos and Silicosis disease sufferers.  

“ADSA members with asbestosis or progressive/ accelerated silicosis live in the shadow of developing a more serious and incurable form of disease, such as mesothelioma or lung cancer,” she said.

Miss Markey said the Government has listened to the ADSA introducing provisional damages which will significantly reduce the burden on sufferers and their families as they battle these incurable diseases.

Western Australia has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in not only Australia but the world. More than 4000 Australians pass from asbestos diseases annually despite the ban of asbestos products in Australia in 2003. Driven by home renovations and the spread of decaying asbestos material polluting our community. The incidence of Silicosis disease is expected to impact up to 10000 West Australians. 

“ADSA will strive to ensure West Australians left with the legacy of dust diseases in our built and natural environment will have access to fair and just compensation in line with the rest of Australia. Continuing to advocate for further law reform to ensure that sufferers are eligible damages for gratuitous services for those who are sufferers. That is for those who care for family members and succumb to these deadly dust diseases,” said Miss Markey. 

Sufferers of asbestos related disease and their families will now be eligible for a broader range of compensation which is needed to help cope with debilitating illness.

Should you have any concerns about your dust exposure please call 08 93444 077 for health check with an ADSA GP. If you need an update re your access to fair and just compensation please register for ADSA information seminars