Innovative program enabling older customers to use DoTDirect

DoT’s Johnson Nguyen with RAAFA Rockingham Lifestyle Village resident Stella Turner.

Customer service staff from the Department of Transport (DoT) are visiting retirement lifestyle villages to assist residents navigating and transacting though the DoT website.

DoT Customer Service Officers this week visited the RAAF Association Rockingham

Lifestyle Village to assist residents in navigating the website and opening DoTDirect accounts to complete online transactions and set up monthly direct debit for vehicle registrations.

The visits are part of a pilot program that educates older customers in finding information relevant to their needs and in completing online driver and vehicle-related transactions.

DoT Director of Service Delivery Julie Briggs said the program was one of several initiatives designed to reduce the need for people to go to metropolitan Driver and Vehicle Service Centres.

“Foot traffic and wait times in our centres are increasing,” Ms Briggs said.

“At the same time, our online services are underutilised, and my team considered ‘out of the box’ solutions to enable and encourage more people to use our online services.

“We found some reluctance among our older customers in making use of our online

services, but we believe that can be addressed by focusing on specific customer groups, at their place of residence, demonstrating the benefits and ease of online service options.

“In many cases it’s simply helping people set up a DoT online account and getting them comfortable with navigating the website.”

Ms Briggs said the initiative had also proven to be a rewarding experience for DoT’s customer service staff.

“Feedback from the staff who visit lifestyle villages has been overwhelmingly positive,” Ms Briggs said.

“Their engagement and efforts have been very well received.

“Residents of the lifestyle villages we visit genuinely appreciate the one-on-one time we provide in helping them understand DoTDirect in a more relaxed and familiar environment.”