Parkerville CYC’s Easter Appeal: Bringing Hope and Healing to Children Across WA!

As Easter approaches, Parkerville Children and Youth Care is calling on the community to join hands in making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and young people across Western Australia. This appeal aims to address the devastating challenges faced by some children, including the impacts of child sexual abuse, homicide, homelessness, and other adverse childhood experiences. 

The Easter Appeal seeks to fund critical programs that provide safety, healing, and empowerment to the children assisted by Parkerville. By supporting this initiative, you can help be the driving force behind providing these children with essential school supplies, access to educational resources, psychology sessions, or a roof over their head to sleep safely off the streets. 

Disturbing statistics highlight the harsh reality of child sexual abuse in Australia, with one in three girls and one in five boys experiencing such assault by age 15. Shockingly, the average age of a child experiencing both physical and sexual abuse is 6.8 years. These figures underscore the urgent need for collective action to protect and support children in our communities.

While many may associate Easter with the whimsical antics of the Easter Bunny, for the devoted team at Parkerville Children and Youth Care, it represents a time for crafting moments of joy and healing for the children under their care. From surprise-filled mornings to engaging egg hunts, these experiences play a crucial role in the children’s journey toward healing, fostering warmth, joy, and cherished memories.

In addition to these joyful experiences, Parkerville CYC provides vital services to support children on their healing journeys, ensuring they receive the care and assistance they need to thrive. By rallying together this Easter season, you can help create a safe and nurturing environment where every child feels empowered to dream and reach their fullest potential.

To further support the Easter Appeal, individuals are encouraged to take part in a chocolate-free challenge. By sacrificing eating chocolate for a month leading up to Easter, you can make a positive impact on children’s lives. Through creating fundraising pages on Facebook and rallying friends and family to support your cause, the spirit of Easter can be shared far and wide!

Whether through giving up chocolate or making a donation, every contribution counts in making this Easter egg-ceptional for every child. Let’s join Parkerville Children and Youth Care in making a “hoppy” difference this Easter and beyond.

If you wish to contribute towards supporting children impacted by trauma or partake in the chocolate-free challenge, please visit: PCYC Easter Appeal (