Review: Sugar

Sugar is an all girl show that tells a story of how social media has rapidly increased young people’s anxiety and depression. It certainly is a timely topic with so much discussion in the media at the moment.

This is the perfect show for grandparents to take their grandchildren, especially granddaughters along to, with its clever circus style featuring comedy, dance, song, aerial acrobatics and let’s not forget the pastel, shimmery costumes.

The show starts with the main character Sugar having no one turn up to her birthday party.

Confronted with her feelings of anxiety and rejection Sugar calls ‘The Fixits’ to come help her as ‘they can fix anything’.

These days most young people are addicted to technology and in particular social media. Although there are some benefits the incidence of anxiety, depression and bullying has amplified dramatically. The six performers create a show to help empower women and young girls to let them know it’s okay not to be okay.

Each performer has a unique skill which is showcased from dancing to aerial silks, rapping or trapeze. Sugar really delivers the message that you shouldn’t be controlled by your phone and that a picture is only one moment in time and can be manipulated.

I loved this show it explains such important issues about self-worth and self-esteem for young woman. Life isn’t about how many Instagram followers we have or how many people like our status on Facebook and it covers these issues in an entertaining and fun way, a great way to give younger people hope and acceptance through live theatre.



Black Flamingo at The Pleasure Garden
Jan 27 to Feb 5 at 8:15pm

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