Review: Herstory – Leading Ladies

Imogen Kelly has created ‘a romp with pomp’ as she takes the audience on a journey to explore some of history’s most famous and powerful women.

With much creativity the show travels through time to meet the first feisty female, Queen Victoria who is the narrator for the show.

A satirical and comedic burlesque presentation as the show travels through time from Margaret Thatcher to Joan of Arc as Imogen portrays each and every character with a different accent, costume and act.

Without giving too much away my two favourite acts were definitely the Iron Lady, from her rapping ability and making a cup of tea – it was hilarious and entertaining!

The armour Imogen created for Joan of Arc is intricate and makes the performance breathtaking as she becomes a disco ball to signify her death.

From aerial performances, burlesque, short films and absolutely incredible costumes that capture the essence of each character perfectly, Imogen has created an entertaining satirical show that focusses on feminism and how history has remembered these women.

Imogen has created an amazingly powerful and entertaining show about a selection of strong historic female leaders focussing on how people remember them versus what is actually true, an entertaining and thoughtful production.

Herstory – Leading Ladies

20-24 February at 9.45pm
The Edith Spiegeltent at The Ice Cream Factory

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