World Numbat Day will raise funds for WA’s emblem

Fans of friendly furry creatures and saving native wildlife are encouraged to celebrate World Numbat Day 2019 on Saturday 2 November.

Project Numbat promotes community awareness of the numbat and is involved in numbat conservation through awareness and fund raising, population monitoring and habit management.

President of Project Numbat Adam Cross said that the numbat was once found in

abundance but now has an estimated wild population of less than 1,000 and the species faces the threat of extinction.

World Numbat Day celebrates Western Australia’s unique mammal emblem and

encourages action to conserve the species,” Dr Cross said.

You can help numbats by encouraging responsible pet ownership, spreading the word

about the marsupial’s plight and donating to Project Numbat.”

The inaugural World Numbat Day was held in 2015 by Project Numbat Inc, a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization.

Dr Cross encouraged numbat fans to consider purchasing one of the many Project Numbat

merchandise items for friends and family for Christmas.

We have Christmas ornaments, a 2020 calendar featuring stunning numbat photography

and a range of other gifts to suit any animal lover in your life. All funds raised go towards

helping to save this precious and adorable species,” said Dr Cross.

A Bowls on the Lawn fundraiser event is being held for World Numbat Day on Saturday 2 November at the South Perth Bowling Club. Tickets are available for purchase at