Cheers to the Pinot Picnic Festival

The highly anticipated Pinot Picnic festival is back for its third year, inviting wine enthusiasts to embark on a Pinot-filled journey across the picturesque Southern Forests Wine Regions of Manjimup and Pemberton from April 19 to 21.

“The Pinot Picnic embodies the spirit of our vibrant wine regions. It’s a celebration of our unique history and a testament to the passion and innovation that define our winemaking community.” Lisa Radomiljac, Pinot Picnic festival coordinator.

A Festival Tradition: In its third installment, the Pinot Picnic festival continues its tradition of celebrating the rich tapestry of Pinot Noir varieties and styles thriving in the Southern Forests. The festival builds upon the success of previous years, promising an immersive experience for both seasoned wine connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Andrew Mountford, Chairperson of Wine Industry Southern Forests, expresses his enthusiasm for the Pinot Picnic: “This year’s festival is extra special because you get the undivided attention of our region growers and winemakers, as the 2024 vintage was over remarkably early. Yes, most of the regions wines will be in tank or in barrel and the winemakers will be chilled and happy. So take advantage of this lucky break and meet the real people behind the wines.”

Dates and Locations: Spanning from April 19 to 21, the festival unfolds across renowned wineries, vineyards and venues in the Manjimup and Pemberton wine regions.

Why Pinot? Forty years ago John Gladstone conducted research for the Agricultural Department in the Southern Forests region, with the standout success of the trials being Pinot Noir. Those developing vineyards in the region knew they had to be different to Margaret River and Frankland/Mt Barker – these regions being already well established.

Clonal trials were done and five Pinot clones were selected for their various attributes, including growth, yields, disease resistance, and of course flavour. The Southern Forests wine regions have become notable for their pinot over the years, with many flocking to the area to enjoy the light-red variety. 

Event Highlights: This year’s festival showcases a diverse array of events, offering something for every palate. From the unique “Pass the Pinot” vertical tasting event at Pemberley of Pemberton to the off-road picnic expedition to visit the stunning Yeagarup dunes with Pemberton Discovery Tours, attendees can expect an exploration of flavours, destinations and expertise.

Wine Trial Unveiling: A standout feature is the debut of the 10 Chains Black Label Pinot Noir, a groundbreaking release incorporating grapes from 14 different clones of pinot noir grapes. This exclusive wine stems from a trial conducted in collaboration with DPIRD, focusing on identifying the most successful Pinot Noir variants for the Southern Forests regions.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Notable collaborations include the “Meet the Maker” event, uniting three esteemed wineries – Truffle Hill, Chateau June-Jerome, and Woodgate Wines, with Mark Aitken, owner of Woodgate Wines, serving as the winemaker for each label. Mark Aitken, a seasoned winemaker in the region, adds an extra layer of expertise to the festival. Guests will be encouraged to pick the brains of these three knowledgeable producers. 

Variety Galore: The festival puts the spotlight on a number of wines made of pinot grapes from the Manjimup and Pemberton wine regions, with a wide variety of styles on show. 

“The sparkling wines are fantastic from this region, from the Champagne influenced to the Rosé and even Pet Nat – the wine with an almost roguish reputation, coming from those ancient European traditions,” said Andrew Mountford, chairperson of Wine Industry Southern Forests

Ticketing and Accommodations: Tickets for the Pinot Picnic events are available for purchase on the festival’s official website. Some events are free, and drop-ins are welcome. Accommodation options abound, with a diverse range listed on the Pinot Picnic website to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

Connect and Stay Informed: For the latest updates, connect with Pinot Picnic on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #pinotpicnic. Additional information can be found at

Join in for a weekend of unparalleled Pinot Noir experiences, breathtaking scenery, and culinary delights at the Pinot Picnic festival. Cheers to the Southern Forests and the art of Pinot perfection!