Review: Love/Hate Actually

If you love the film Love Actually directed by Richard Curtis (and who doesn’t?) this is the show for you!

I know my family loves watching it and we sat down after Christmas lunch to watch this favourite Christmas film.

Arriving I wasn’t sure what to expect when handed a red heart stress ball before the show, but it had me intrigued.

We meet friends Natalie and Amy who argue if the film is actually good or bad.

Natalie plays our ‘devil’ and thinks the film is unrealistic and manipulative pile of crap and even brings up a few very valid facts that if you’re a lover of the film it might start you questioning why you love it…

Amy is our angel and argues that it is the very best Christmas film with all the stories and the power of love – as Hugh Grant says in the film, “Love is all around”.

Battling it out we have part film lecture – where even I learnt a few facts that I didn’t remember about the film and as a movie aficionado that surprised me.

Workplace Behaviour Seminar
Inappropriate behaviour by ‘Harry and Mia’






Part game show with audience participation with games called Art or Porn? And Workplace Behaviour Seminar which was hilarious especially as my friend Lucy was chosen to be Alan Rickman’s character Harry.

One standout moment for me was when Amy comes out and acts as Bishop and says, “My faith only recognises the first text.” Referring to the 2017 sequel that was created for Red Nose Day.

The show culminated with the audience throwing our stress ball hearts to vote if we loved the film or hated it… Love won this time!

Filled with witty dialogue and valid arguments this show made me laugh out loud and I even learn new facts – so if you love or hate Love Actually go see this hilarious duo who argue it out!