Review: Yummy

Yummy has stolen my Fringe heart so far but with countless shows left to see let’s see if it stays on top.

Debuting at Fringe World 2018 Yummy is filled to the brim with 18 acts during the 70-minute show ranging from circus, drag, burlesque, live singing and even tap dancing.

Featuring seven amazing performers we meet Karen From Finance, Benjamin Hancock, Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden and Joni the Moon.

With so many performances during the show it’s hard to choose my favourites, but there were two big highlights for me including Karen From Finance’s mashup of Rihanna’s song Bitch Better Have My Money and ABBA’s Money, Money, Money along with a recording of a woman on the phone which had me in stitches and singing along.

The other standout was the closing number of all performers coming together and dancing and Joni the Moon showing off her amazing voice again which was a spectacular way to end the show.

With stand-out costumes, an act inspired by Shirley Temple featuring Ann-Margret’s How Lovely to be a Woman – it’s not at all what you expect and this makes it even more entertaining and with Hannie Helsden performing a burlesque tease inspired by I Dream of Jeannie what’s not to love?

A unique drag show Yummy incorporates both men and women but it’s not for the faint hearted so be warned with a sizzle factor of very hot!

Last week I was lucky enough to meet the cast and besides being exceptionally entertaining, Valerie Hex told me you should come see Yummy because it’s absurd, fascinating and outrageous and I agree with her!

The Cast of Yummy and Tahlia Merigan



27 January – 3 February at 9.30pm
De Parel Spiegeltent at The Pleasure Garden

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