Review: Kabaret Dietrich

In Karbaret Dietrich we’re introduced Marlene Dietrich’s character Lola from The Blue Angel film which made her a star.

The show is set in Weimar Republic Berlin and Nikki Nouveau who plays Lola sings Dietrich’s most popular songs from ‘Falling In Love Again’, ‘Lili Marlene’ and ‘La Vie En Rose’.

Lola tells the story of Marlene from her early beginnings as a musician to when she died without a cent to her name.

Though Nouveau’s voice, accent, ability to speak and sing flawless German and French was excellent, I felt that the show was not quite complete.

The timeline of Dietrich’s life jumped around and she repeated several facts about Dietrich’s character creation of illusion and mystery utilising makeup, wigs and facelifts using tape.

I felt that Nouveau had just chosen the songs she loved to sing which she sang well but relied too much on that without enough storytelling in between.

Kabaret Dietrich

4-10 February at 6pm and 7pm
Opticum at The Showman’s Fair

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