Review: Tatterdemalion

After seeing Henry Maynard in Boris & Sergey I was excited to see his solo show.

The word Tatterdemalion means a shabby person dressed in tattered clothing and was popular during the Victorian era and this perfectly describes Henry Maynard’s character who appears dressed in worn pants with a white singlet topped off with a fez.

This show features mime, puppetry and comedy to create a hilarious and poignant hour full of laughs and lots of audience participation.

Henry has a unique ability using only sounds, grunts and gestures to communicate with the audience and his playfulness and charisma is so infectious that when we are asked to make noises and participate everyone does.

The juxtaposition of the silly, fun and amusing scenes, to the lonely, dark and bleak scenes create a surreal and enthralling show where you never know what is going to happen next.

Tatterdemalion is a thrilling experience not to be missed and one that will have you laughing and playing along. Come along and enjoy the journey I’d love to see it a second time as no show is ever the same.


18-25 February at 10pm
Casa Mondo at The Pleasure Garden

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