Leave your troubles at the door for a fabulous frolic with La Soirèe…

It might have been a rainy night in Perth, but the sun was shining inside the Ice Cream Factory as La Soirèe opened for its Fringe World season on Wednesday 21 January.

Club Swizzle was meant to return this year but due to other commitments, La Soirèe the doyenne of Fringe returned for the season and the opening night audience was not disappointed.

This is the first time we’ve seen La Soirèe out of the Spiegel tent and in the larger format of the Ice Cream Factory.

As we were led into the venue by the eclectic and friendly ushers the dimly lit room starts to come alive and as the room fills the excitement builds.

The great thing about the Ice Cream Factory is they have a bar down the back – and you can pop up anytime during the show to get a drink but really, it’s not a good idea, as you are likely to miss something grand.

Opening the show, the host Betty Siemers, dapper in his pin strip, (and yes, it’s a bloke), encourages us to leave our troubles at the door and get ready for two hours of thrilling La Soirèe cabaret.

Kicking off the show, the highly skilled Montreal puppeteers, Cabaret Decadanse combine life size puppets entangled with themselves to create a mesmerizing and toe tapping start to show with the hit song, If you could Read my Mind.

Mallakhamb-India are the new additions to La Soiree

Then centre stage comes to life with new additions to the La Soirèe family; Mallakhamb India a duo team who astound the audience with their bare foot acrobatic feats on a 10-foot Indian wooden pole.

The pace continues with Perth’s own Lucky Hell who combines glamour and sword swallowing and will have you in complete awe of her talent.

You may think you need to visit the bar now, but you won’t want to miss the very cheeky magician who will astound you with her talents and have you asking yourself, “where did she put that scarf?”

Time flies in the world of La Soirèe and intermission is a great time to top up your drink at the bar to prepare for the second half.

Every act I have seen throughout the years La Soirèe has visited Perth offers a unique talent that the performers have practiced for many years and not only are they highly skilled they are all really friendly down to earth people.

The finale of the opening night comes from the sixth-generation circus acrobats who happen to be brothers, Italians’ Fratelli Rossi and they left me gasping and speechless with their dangerous tricks performed on a stage only six-foot wide – it was the perfect end to a highly entertaining show.

From high wire acts to cabaret singing to shows of amazing balance and strength, the talent abounds in this company, and to find out more about all the performers you must go.

La Soirèe plays at the Ice Cream Factory – Roe Street (corner of Lake St) until 3 March – Tickets from $35.

Book now – www.fringeworld.com.au