Review: Club Briefs

Club Briefs

Club Briefs well it’s only showing at Fringe and it has a very hot sizzle factor!

There’s a lot in this show that could offend so if you have delicate sensibilities I am warning you now that this is not the show for you.

The late start time at 11.15pm is for good reason as there is much debauchery, drinking, dancing, disco and sex toys featured.

The host Shivannah welcomes the audience to the spiegeltent and as we take our seats performers are selling $10 raffle tickets which is drawn during the show. Be careful if you buy one you may not like the prize!

The audience is invited to show off their attitude walking along the catwalk/stage.

Club Briefs is a naughty variety show where performers can test out new acts, bring back old favourites and feature special guests who tease the audience with snippets of their own Fringe shows.

The first act is Louis Biggs who came out in his birthday suit (yes stark naked) to show the audience his skills at solving rubix cubes.  Each time he solves a rubix cube he puts on an item of clothing (but still keeping his underwear off) and then unwraps a lollypop to throw into the audience. The whole audience was in stitches as the song Lollypop played during the act.

Thomas Worrell follows who entertains the audience with his aerial silks with daring drops in time to the music, he makes his whole performance look easy, seamless and he was not naked.

The highlight of the show is from the award-winning show Hot Brown Honey starring Crystal Stacey who wows the audience with her sassy attitude and dancing as she does acrobatics with hula hoops.

I have seen a lot of hoop acts at Fringe and Crystal’s is probably one of the best and most unique with the way she incorporates hip-hop dance into the act.

The host Shivannah keeps the pace going and has a collection of some of the most incredible outfits which she changes every time she comes on stage.

There is a collection of other acts, but I don’t want to give away too much… Except to warn you that the final act which features King of Burlesque Captain Kidd is well a soaking experience.

Briefs Factory know how to party.  The show is definitely up there for shock value and debauchery. It’s R-rated and not for the faint-hearted. I won’t be there with any smelling salts to revive you if you go so be warned.

Club Briefs 

Friday and Saturday nights at 11.15pm during Fringe
The West Australian Spiegeltent at The Pleasure Garden

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