Readers feedback: why is Australian alcohol consumption so high?

In the June issue #315’s opinion piece Lee Tate Australia’s use of alcohol and whether we as a nation drink too much.

Here’s some of the feedback we received from the article…

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I am too stingy with $$$ to waste on alcohol.
Joyce Caroline Osborne

Most people tend to drink less as they get older.
Jo Goodall

It’s part of the Australian vernacular…
Bob Rich

The Europeans seem to have nailed the social drinking and don’t have the same negative problems as Australia does with the over consumption of alcohol. Children in Italy are often given small glasses of wine to learn how to drink appropriately. Perhaps we should emulate some of their behaviour as they don’t seem to have the same issues as we do. Banning things seems to make people want them more.
Lyle Gordan  

Governments should stop telling people what to do all the time and wasting thousands of tax payers dollars on advertising. There’s an advert advising about the perils of alcohol on television regularly and I think we as a community are bombarded with that sort of advertising so much that people switch it off to the messages.
Joan Pretty

There are too many messages on television telling people what to do and it doesn’t promote self responsibility in people. Drinking can be enjoyable if it not done to excess.
Veronica Peach

Australians have always been heavy drinkers.
Mal Bogota

We need to encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and treat other people better than alcohol fuelled violence will subside. We seem to live in a society where everyone blames other people for their problems.
Lorraine Taylor

Drugs are more of a problem these days than alcohol and if the two are mixed together people become aggressive and dangerous.
Bob Elders