Online tool kit first of its kind to assist WA women facing domestic violence and financial abuse

Your Toolkitis a comprehensive resource containing information to assist women and children facing domestic violence and financial abuse transition to becoming independent, empowered and financially resilient. Your Toolkitis specifically tailored for their circumstance and provides crucial information in relation to personal finances as well as other relevant information that will assist them on their journey to independence. 

Your Toolkithas a menu-based approach that makes information easy to access, not overwhelming and available when it’s needed. Information is provided for different stages of the women’s journey: 

  • Preparing to Leave or “Prepare”; 
  • Time to Go or “Launch”; 
  • Things to do when you leave home – Early Days or “Nourish”; and 
  • Moving Forward – Longer Term or “Flourish”.

Financial abuse is malicious as it deliberately strips women of their independence, confidence and ability to manage their personal financial situation. It is estimated to occur among 80-90 per cent of women who seek support for family and domestic violence, and lack of economic security and financial resources are the primary reason women return to abusive relationships.  Furthermore, WA has one of the worst rates of family and domestic violence in Australia. 

Freely and easily available information about personal finances, and other relevant information including safety and support services that are available, is key to increasing women’s financial resilience and ability to leave abusive relationships. Traditional financial literacy education is not appropriate for many women who find themselves in situations of abuse and Your Toolkit will be an important tool for these women and their children.

Your Toolkithas been developed by not for profit group Financial Toolbox with funding from Department of Communities and Demeter Legacy, and is the first of its kind in Australia.

“Our research has told us that while there is a great deal of information available on the internet, it is not centralised or easy to find, nor is it all specifically tailored for women in abusive situations. This information needs to be available in one easily accessible place, and presented in “bite sized” chunks, particularly in times of crisis,” said Lyn Beazley, patron of Financial Toolbox.

Your Toolkitprovides a one-stop shop of crucial information needed for women, who are often in a time of confusion, fear or sadness, to be able to make informed decisions”, she said.

Your Toolkithas been developed following extensive consultation with domestic violence survivors, support workers, women’s refuge staff, industry bodies including the Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence, 1800 Respect, Legal Aid, WA Police, social workers and others.

Your Toolkitis now available FREE online to all women and families at