Motoring made easy – Volvo aces the four cylinder SUV

Over the years many have asked, of all the cars I’ve driven, which, if money was not an obstacle, would I choose to own.

My slightly glib answer? Rolls Royce; they never made a conventional car. The commitment to design, luxury and promise of all things over the top, had no bounds.

But Rolls Royce is beyond price point, for all but a handful.

We are blessed in WA for choice of carriage. Depending on how much, or how little you care to spend, you can enjoy, what seem like millions of brands, models, shapes and sizes. Most of which will have some of the features of Rolls Royce; like wheels, tyres and seats.

Most drivers are passionate about brand and of late, silhouette. Think: “look what they’ve done to my car Ma”. Safety and design are, as should be, paramount when choosing which car best suits you and your particular needs.

It’s in design, safety and the downright funky where the new breed Volvo shines above others.

A couple of years ago saw the introduction of new Volvo XC90, stunning seven seat, top of the line SUV. Followed by the touch smaller XC60.

But now it’s the delightfully cool XC40, which has captured the attention of many.

During an extended drive through the beautiful Swan Valley last month, (which included the required visit to Whistler’s Chocolates) it was love at first drive.

Well gone are the days of silly Volvo jokes. This car is gorgeous and brings great joy. Smooth, quiet, so drivable it’s amazing.

A great show, with plenty of go.

Think fun meets fashion; then amazes everyone on a Dancing with the Stars final; dancing so well it becomes the life of the party.

The Swedes have got it right with this sturdy looking offering dripping with technology and entertainment that demands attention.

The great 12.3-inch digital instrument dash all but says good morning as you get in and is standard across the range. The simple controls never confuse.

A 9.0-inch touch screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android functionality adds further to the coolness.

The stop-go contraptions are there; you can switch them off; really annoying. Reversing camera and parking sensors seem everywhere.

The choice of four-cylinder, turbo petrol and diesel engines are the bees. Volvo XC40 has two equipment levels, Momentum and R-Design. Go the R-Design.

Great looking wheels with Pirelli P Zero tyres; helps this individual SUV cruise quietly and effortlessly at highway speeds.

This is a superb looking, compact premium SUV; one for the ageless.

The XC40 starts at $47.990; as tested $57,890. (plus on roads cost)

Not the price of a Rolls and way more fun to drive!