Part pensioners will have Pension Concession Card reissued in two weeks…

7593 Western Australian seniors will receive a reinstated Pension Concession Card in the next two weeks following the Federal Government’s backflip of its decision in May 2017 budget.

After slashing subsidies in January 2017, perhaps the government is realising that people aged over 60 and especially in WA make up one in three of the voting public.

A government who doesn’t take into account the needs of the mature demographic may find itself in a precarious position.

Part Pensioners were the biggest losers form the assets test changes and Social Services Minister Christian Porter said the change would hand back access to a range of state, local government and private sector discounts.

“In reinstating the PCC, The Turnbull Government is ensuring that these 90,000 former part pensioners will be able to access those benefits again,” said Christian Porter.

The Department of Human Services will automatically reissue the new cards to those who lost access in January, people will not have to reapply.