Everyone’s a winner in another scratchie scam from Malaysia (Get It On Holiday)

Glossy travel brochures with fake scratchies are arriving in the mailboxes of WA residents with at least one of the two cards enclosed declaring a $US190,000 win.

Consumer Protection warns residents that the Get It On Holiday travel brochure and scratchie cards are a scam designed to gain personal information from the supposed ‘winners’ who will then be asked to pay fees upfront before receiving their ‘prize’.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said this is the latest of many similar mail scams from a bogus Malaysian travel company that have been detected over many years.

“Every two years or so these professional looking travel brochures turn up in the mailboxes of WA residents with different names and different images but with one common purpose, to fleece the recipients of their money and possibly their identity,” Mr Hillyard said.

“There is no prize and anyone who responds will be asked to verify their identity by providing personal and financial information which leaves them open to identity theft at some time in the future.

“So don’t respond, don’t provide personal information and, most importantly, don’t send any money to these scammers. Throw out these brochures and the fake scratchies in the bin!

“We work with Australia Post to try to intercept scam mail but many still get through so WA householders need to be aware if they receive these enticing brochures offering fake prizes.”