Free training workshops for carers to stay healthy and resilient…

Braemar Presbyterian Care is offering free training session designed to care for people in the community who care for others.

A number of sessions will be held throughout Thursday 29 and Friday 30 August at Bicton Presbyterian Church, which are focussed on assisting carers who are exposed to secondary traumas and who may be in need of self-care strategies to stay healthy and become more resilient.

Run by psychologist Tim Dyer, theVicarious Trauma Training sessions are also designed for carers to identify the symptoms which indicate they may be hitting overload point, in addition to enabling them to do a self-check on what elements of secondary trauma they are currently experiencing.

Braemar CEO Wayne Belcher says it is important for carers to have strategies they can use to respond to traumatic stories which others may have shared with them.

“Everyone who cares for others with empathy will be impacted by what others share and if people are sharing traumatic memories, then the carers themselves are likely to also experience elements of this trauma,” he says.

“Secondary traumatic stress needs to be understood and dealt with wisely and well and these sessions are aimed at doing just that.”

The two evening sessions Braemar has planned are directed to those in a Church pastoral, leadership, or care role, with daytime sessions aimed at those in the community who care for others. 

Sessions will take place on Thursday, 29 August or Friday 30 August, with members of the public welcome to attend.

  • 8.30am for 9am start until 12.30pm
  • 1.30pm for 2pm start until 5pm

RSVP’s are essential. Contact or call 6279 3640 to register your free place.