Local students help keep resident’s spirits high…

Resident with his letter
Edwin Mileham with his letter

Spirits are being kept high at Bethanie Beachside in Yanchep, Perth’s most northern aged care home, with Year 3 students from Two Rocks Primary School spreading love via handwritten messages and drawings for residents.

The children received a few visits from their ‘friends at Bethanie’ last year when they were in Year 2, and this year and the Year 3 students each wrote a letter and drew a picture for the residents, given they are currently unable to visit.

A few of the residents had letters addressed with their own name, as the kids remembered them specifically. Bethanie resident Edwin Mileham was particularly pleased with his personalised letter from Emily D. 

The letter read:

To Edwin,

Seniors citizens are special because they are very kind, generous and of course they have been on earth longer than us!
I wish you good luck.
I love you all and I hope you are all doing good.
I do remember Edwin.
I hope you are all great goodbye Bethanies!
PS Edwin is generous, beautiful and of course kind.

From Emily. D.

Bethanie Beachside Occupational Therapist Emily Baker said, “It is times like these when a little note like this can absolutely lift everyone’s spirits. I encourage more people to do it as it brings such a huge smile to the faces of our residents. 

“It was such a thoughtful and meaningful gesture from the students at Two Rocks Primary School and when the time comes where we can connect the two groups again, I am sure Edwin will be most pleased to personally thank Emily for his letter.”