Review: The Naked Magicians

Christopher Wayne & Mike Tyler

With a packed audience spanning all ages, The Regal Theatre was buzzing as we eagerly awaited to meet the R-rated The Naked Magicians.

The stars of the show Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler both have an awesome presence with their quick wit and banter which to me was the essence of the performance and made the show so entertaining.

The tricks are not ‘David Copperfield’ feats of magic but were clever and the star part of the show is the way the performers engage with the audience.

Some of the tricks included Let’s make a Porno, Celebrity free pass and Drunk texting which all received many laughs.

During each trick they use a volunteer from the audience. One gentleman had his iPhone smashed and magically repaired.  Another person held a top hat in an essential spot while a magic rope which was cut and then joined back together.

No one was humiliated and everyone who participated enjoyed it.

We even had to perform our own tricks which entailed ripping up four pictures and somehow ending up with two pieces that matched.

The show is explicit but it’s a lot of fun, if you are offended by the naked form it’s definitely not for you but for those who have an open mind then it’s a show with lots of laughs all ending with a bang…of confetti.

The Naked Magicians 

February 1-3  at 8pm
Regal Theatre, Hay Street, Subiaco

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