Review: Driftwood

With innovative choreography Driftwood proved to be something quite unique for a circus style show.

Five acrobats explore the innate need for human contact and we follow them on a journey through life.

The show starts off very fast paced and I was enthralled by the beauty and grace of the performers who take risks with amazing tricks and engage the audience with their looks of bemusement and entertaining antics.

Between the high intensity acts the audience is brought back to quiet time with the introduction of a red lamp. Each performer takes a turn to interact with the light which creates an intimate connection to the story for the audience.

The usual circus stereotypes are defied with the small woman acrobats used as the base of the balancing acts and the big strong men taking the high side, it really is different, and you hold your breath thinking can that little lady really take on this weight?

The two girls on the trapeze with their graceful movements, strength and agility made me gasp, I just had time to catch my breath when three of the acrobats back flipped from the ground into a three man pyramid atop of each other shoulders.

The gracefulness and trust these performers have for each other is unbelievable and the depth to this story of relationships told through acrobatics and dance is moving, thoughtful and highly skilled.


The Edith Spiegletent at The Ice Cream Factory
30 January – 11 February at 6.30pm

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