A Paragon of Attraction – exclusive art exhibition from around the globe…

An exciting and completely unique art exhibition in Perth, Paragon of Attraction, is set to send lovers of art into a spin!  AppleX Art, a leading art dealer, specialising in exclusive art pieces and affiliated to Applecross Art, is proud to present a noteworthy, one off exhibition featuring three uniquely talented artists from around the globe; Noemi Safir, Niclas Castello and Liz Gray.

The three contemporary artists will exhibit in Perth from 9 – 16 Mayat The Kitchen Building Heathcote Cultural Precinct, 58/60 Duncraig Road, Applecross.

This will be the first time internationally renowned artist Niclas Castello’s work is shown in Australia after sell-out shows around the globe. The exhibition will feature a selection of around 35 pieces of highly desirable and rare art. 

A paragon is a person of preeminent qualities, a model of some given quality. What has the power to capture your attention? What is your Paragon of Attraction? Paragon of Attraction invites art lovers to come and discover what these three artists from five continents will present.

Noemi Safir(South America and Israel) with her colourful portraits reflecting life’s intertwined beauty and struggle. She will delight with her new ‘Spring Series’ collection and believes that, “Everything you nourish with love and positive attention will grow in an amazing way.” Niclas Castello(Germany) gives his own answer to ‘paragon’ – the old Renaissance debate about the relative merits of painting and sculpture through the creation of his Cube Paintings, transforming paintings into veritable sculptures.Liz Gray(Africa and Australia) portrays strong women living life to the full, but also hints that attraction and beauty have more levels than the eye can tell.

This innovative exhibition is the brainchild of German born art dealers and curators Andreas and Amke Buse. Andreas says, “We have worked with Noemi and Liz for around three years and we’ve been following Niclas’ works for quite a while. What brings all three of them together in a collective is not only their contemporary knowing, but their individual interpretation of painting as three-dimensional art.

“Our passion is to bring exclusive, cosmopolitan art to Perth, to enrich the existing art scene.  Discovering and presenting new and exciting art is our absolute passion, and we hope to introduce buyers to stunning works that they can enjoy in their homes forever.”

“We are so excited and proud to be bringing these three artists together for an intriguing exhibition with a difference. We want art to enrich people’s lives and the stories behind each of these artists and their pieces of work will surely do that.”

For more exhibition info visit www.appleXart.com

To attend Opening Night on 9 May at Heathcoate Cultural Precinct visit  www.appleXart.com or call  9315 3996.