Let’s #CelebrateGiving where we’re living… Give2Good Week…5 – 11 May

    With the recent focus on tragic and distressing world events, many of us are craving stories of kindness and good in our world to restore our faith in humanity. Give2Good Week is a new initiative from the Give2Good Foundation that runs from 5 – 11 May to celebrate all forms of giving and good in WA. 

    While the Give2Good Foundation makes everyday philanthropy easy year-round, Give2Good Week is an opportunity to encourage and #CelebrateGiving by acknowledging and promoting the kindness and charitable contributions of generous Western Australians. 

    The Give2Good Foundation is a charitable community foundation appointing the Public Trustee WA as Trustee. The Foundation allows donors and testators to leave a lasting legacy within their local community via donations and bequests to the Foundation’s Charitable and Public Ancillary Funds. Funds are pooled and invested to generate returns, which are passed on as ongoing income supporting donor directed charities and causes for generations to come. 

    Give2Good Director and Public Trustee, Brian Roche, is pleased to announce WA’s inaugural Give2Good Week and says that making and sharing ‘for good’ experiences to inspire others is key to creating a culture of giving in society, “Give2Good Week is a chance to celebrate the important contribution charitable giving makes to people and causes and demonstrates how rewarding regularly giving back to those in need can be for everyday people, whether it’s giving time, money or expertise.” 

    Marketing Director, Etta Palumbo, encourages everyone to get behind Give2Good Week, “We’re calling on all individuals, businesses and charities to inspire others to give to good by sharing their philanthropic stories, videos and photos to our @Give2Good Facebook page, or simply share and tag your posts using the hashtags #Give2GoodWeek and #CelebrateGiving”. 

    “Research shows that giving has a powerful, feel-good effect on the mind and body called the “helper’s high”. Endorphins kick in producing a natural euphoric rush, oxytocin increases and boosts our sense of trust, love, optimism and connection, serotonin increases making us feel happy and calm while healing our bodies, cortisol decreases reducing our stress levels by 23% so it’s definitely good2give!” 

    While Giving Australia reports that Australians gifted approximately 11.2 billion to charitable organisations in 2018, research shows that how people give is changing. Ms Palumbo notes that many donors are seeking more sustainable and meaningful options for their philanthropic endeavours, with a shift towards enduring giving, rather than one-off donations. 

    “There are many motivations for giving and giving takes many forms, but it’s great to see an increased interest from donors wanting to leave a lasting gift that will offer ongoing financial support. We hope that more West Australians will be motivated to give during Give2Good Week, and in turn enable great local causes and charities to continue their good work now, and into the future” said Ms Palumbo. 

    For more about the Give2Good Foundation, or to learn how to leave a lasting legacy, visit http://www.give2good.com.au, or join the Give2Good news list by emailing give2good@justice.wa.gov