Dreaming of a white Christmas…check out Europe’s most beautiful Christmas tree…

Europe's most beautiful Christmas Tree is in Lithuania

Brussels-based travel organization European Best Destinations recently named The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in Europe, with the Vilnius tree in Lithuania declared as the leader from the continent’s seventeen most attractive. More than 14 000 travellers from 82 countries voted to select a city in Europe where the most beautiful Christmas tree is expected to be found.

“Not a single tree was cut down to build Lithuania’s most beautiful Christmas tree. The 27-metre tall metal construction, which is made up of some 6,000 branches and over five kilometres of lighting, is definitely a sight to behold,” says the announcement of European Best Destinations.

The construction, which is presently being erected in Vilnius Cathedral Square is specially designed to create a completely sustainable Christmas tree. All the actual tree branches used in the construction are defiled from the trees by foresters while carrying out the general maintenance of the forest. Therefore not only trees, but even branches are not cut just for spectacle.

Traditional Christmas markets surround the tree

As the festive season approaches, Europe’s cities compete to draw visitors with dazzling trees and welcoming markets, showcasing seasonal customs with a local flavour. The designs of the Christmas trees are usually kept secret until the very last moment, and the competition gets increasingly tighter each year.

The Christmas markets provide an amazing atmosphere

Christmas in Vilnius is heralded each year by the raising of an innovative and durable metallic structure lit by 70,000 bulbs. The tree shines brightly over the city’s Cathedral Square, watched over by the historic Gediminas Castle Tower. In 2018 Christmas tree in Vilnius wowed residents and visitors alike with its gleaming cogwheels and pulsating snowflakes. From above, a clock face was revealed, with arrays of lights forming bright roman numerals, a reminder of the approaching New Year countdown.

However the particular surroundings and decorations of the Christmas tree change each year and always become a surprise. Not disclosing any particular details, the representatives of the municipality of Vilnius promise to deliver an even more impressive Christmas tree spectacle this year.

The Christmas market in Vilnius is in the Cathedral Square in the heart of the historic Old Town.

The following Christmas trees were ranked by European Best Destinations as European top five: 

1. Vilnius, Lithuania

Holiday Market Open: until 7 January, 2020

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Holiday Market open: until 6 January, 2020

3. Strasbourg, France

Holiday Market open: until 30 December, 2019

4. Cologne, Germany

Holiday Market open: until 23 December, 2019

5. Kyiv, Ukraine

Christmas tree lighting: 19 December, 2019

Holiday Market: 19 December, 2019  to 13 January, 2020