Local author’s first book inspiring people to talk to children about loss and tragedy…

Kylie Wilkie has just published her first book called Memories are Forever which she wrote following the death of her husband when her daughter was only six months old.

“The circumstances that led me to write this book are common to us all – of tragedy, love, hope and life,” said Kylie.

“My daughter, Dylan, is now seven years old but was only six-months old when her dad died from bowel cancer. 

“Dave was 34 when he was diagnosed with cancer, and I was 14 weeks pregnant with Dylan, an IVF baby, he died at 35 – almost 12 months to the day following his diagnosis.

“I could never had predicted the circumstances that led to Dave’s death, nor the ups and downs of life that have followed – but what I do know is that no loss should be in vain,” said Kylie.

Kylie now works to help people talk about those difficult times, and to share stories they otherwise might not.

Best selling author and international humanitarian Rabia Siddique describes Memories are Forever as a “wonderfully written and illustrated book” that “teaches us all that we must celebrate the lives of those we lose and have those difficult conversations with our children that we often avoid”.

Kylie said she wanted to share her story in an accessible way, in the hope that people will relate to it and pass it on. 

“Even though Dylan never really knew her dad, the things she can tell you about him will warm your heart and they are a testament to the importance and power of memories.”

Kylies says that she is constantly reminded that life doesn’t follow a plan. She now navigates a wonderfully, unpredictable life with her beautiful, modern family in Perth, Western Australia.

Her books take an insightful, humorous and heart-felt look at issues affecting us all with an aim to inspire conversations with children and encourage them to speak up about their worries, wins, hopes and dreams.

Memories are Forever – Publisher: Olympia Publishers – purchase direct from the author below or from all good online bookstores.

www.booksbykyliewilkie.com.au www.kyliewilkie.net