Art therapy provides enrichment to Greenmount seniors

An art exhibition organised by residents at a popular aged care home in the Shire of Mundaring is showcasing a diverse range of experimental works of art created by the talented seniors.

The exhibition, entitled Colour of Dreams, features art in a variety of forms, including sculpture, painting and craft, and has been created as part of the home’s enrichment activities program.

Richard Horne, Regis Greenmount General Manager, said the exhibition celebrates the rich and diverse lives of the resident artists, whilst challenging the perception of ageing and honouring the value, contribution and experience of older people to the community.

“Our resident have been enjoying expressing themselves creatively through the initiative,” he says. 

“Providing our seniors with the opportunity to work with diverse art practices and colours has had an extraordinary effect on their mental health and wellbeing.

“The project has been a great creative outlet for them and the exhibition will give all of the group members a chance to show off the pieces they have been working on for several months now.”

Colour of Dreams will be open to visitors until Friday 30 September 2022, providing the opportunity for families and visitors to view the pieces within the exhibition.

Proud Noongar man and artist, Steve Walley, participated in the initiative as a resident at Regis Greenmount, with a series of work entitled ‘My Memories’, which was inspired by his missionary visits to Port Hedland, Port Morton, Marble Bar and the beauty of the landscape he witnessed on his trip.

“I am so very happy to see my work displayed in this exhibition,” says Steve.

“I may have the talent, however the team at Regis Greenmount has given me respect and the ability to create and share my paintings.”

Mr Horne adds that the focus of the exhibition has concentrated on enhancing the quality of life for residents, including those people living with dementia. 

“Regis strives to enrich people’s day to day lives and it’s great to see how much everyone involved in the art group has enjoyed working on these art pieces,” he explains. 

Created as an ongoing initiative, new art exhibitions are set to take place at the end of each month at Regis Greenmount’s newly created art space.

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