Knife and Fork Talk with the Dining Divas as they head to Hillarys

Seafood Nations Dining Area
Seafood Nations dining area

Seafood Nation at Hillarys Boat Harbour was our choice of restaurant this month. Being public transport devotees getting there was not a problem as the 423 bus leaves Stirling Station and stops at the harbour.  

We booked a table for 12 noon and arrived early because we were champing at the bit. The restaurant became full very quickly so we would advise you to get there early too. 

It’s a massive area with seating inside, which was light and airy and has an interesting mixture of décor styles. Outside are more tables shaded by large umbrellas. 

The restaurant offers a small varied lunch special for under $15 which we decided was perfect for us. 

We selected grilled squid with Japanese salad and grilled snapper on a bed of mixed greens.

Grilled snapper
Grilled snapper

The grilled snapper was succulent and cooked to perfection, and the steamed beans, broccolini and Asian greens were crunchy and delicious. Plenty on the plate and yummy.

The grilled squid and Japanese salad didn’t disappoint. There is an art in cooking squid, and to be truthful it is always a bit of a gamble ordering it, even in the finest restaurant.  If it is not cooked perfectly it can be rubbery and tough. This squid was so tender and tasty, and melted in the mouth that exquisite is the only superlative that applies.  

It was certainly one of the best that this Diva has tasted. The salad was tossed together in a very spicy mayonnaise, perhaps Japanese. Altogether a very ample and satisfying lunch.

Squid Salad
Squid Salad

Our buzzer had a low battery so we had to listen for the “shouty man” calling numbers and although we had number eleven he didn’t resort to bingo language and call legs eleven. There was also a young man coming around checking numbers so that everyone was well looked after.  

It became very busy and the staff went into a very organised overdrive and still had time to parlay with the patrons. They were friendly and efficient. Definitely recommended.

Seafood Nation Bar and Grill
28 Southside Drive, Hillarys 
9203 6689