Huey – our first and favourite celebrity chef!

From 1991, Iain Hewitson has been a fixture on television, firstly with the shows Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and A Cook’s Journey followed by Huey’s TV Dinner, Never Trust a Skinny Cook and Huey’s Cooking Adventures.

The latter, aired for 11 seasons, was rated as the top daytime show nationally with more than 1.7 million viewers weekly. It also featured on New Zealand television and on Foxtel Lifestyle and Food channels.

As well, Never Trust a Skinny Cook was shown in over 100 countries worldwide, as was The Rex Hunt Fishing Show on which Iain also featured. Huey’s Kitchen, which commenced in March 2010, screened nationally on Network 10 and featured Huey’s travels around some of the most picturesque regions of both Australia and overseas, where he presented special, yet simple, recipes that were easy to recreate at home.

And now – fast forward to YouTube. In the latter years of Huey’s Kitchen and Huey’s Cooking Adventures, the most common viewer requests centered around RECIPES FOR ONE.

Huey says: “I don’t know whether it was due to the fact that more people are living alone? Or a change in home-dining habits – with families not often sitting down to meals together? Or even due to singles, who had normally survived on takeaway and pre-packaged foods, now being encouraged by the plethora of TV cooking shows to actually get into the kitchen and whip up something.”

“Well, whatever the reason, when I decided to enter the 21st century and transfer my cooking skills to the more modern medium of YouTube, it was obvious that recipes that took the guesswork out of cooking for one (or two) really were needed and I reckon that, without being big headed, I was the man to do just that. Whilst, at the same time, I would also concentrate on coming up with inspired, practical ideas that would turn even the smallest quantity of leftovers into tasty treats.”

We are going to feature some of Huey’s recipes here each week…but for his whole collection head to his channel on YouTube by clicking the link below.