Let’s Walk Together this September– Parkinson’s WA 12th Annual Walk in the Park – Sunday, 11 September

Who are you walking for? The annual Walk in the Park (AWITP) event is back on Sunday 11 September at Perry Lakes Reserve, and everybody is welcome to register and raise awareness and funds to support Parkinson’s WA.  

Community member Richard said when people think of Parkinson’s, they think slow and shuffling, but the atmosphere of the AWITP event is the exact opposite.

“I really like seeing so many different people from all walks of life and seeing family, friends and kids all showing their support. It’s a really lovely show of unity,” he said.

“The Wasamba drummers at the front of the crowd play music which riles people up and brings such energy and excitement!”

“The event brings energy, colour and movement – the opposite of what Parkinson’s is. This infusion of energy, gets people excited to belong, walk together, and stand united against Parkinson’s.”

Join more than 1000 community members as Parkinson’s WA hosts its biggest and most successful fundraiser where you will see some of Perth’s finest food trucks, live entertainment and activities for the children including a meet and greet with llamas. Bring your dog for the annual ‘best dressed pooch contest’ and enjoy the sunshine on this lovely spring day out by the lake. 

This event raises essential funds for those affected by Parkinson’s in the WA community by contributing to the unique community-based Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist service, with a range of other assistance initiatives such as Seminars, Support Groups, Carers Groups and Counselling.  

Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Janet McLeod said she was eager to join the event in its 12th year.

“What I love about AWITP is the sense of community – it is an ideal opportunity for families and intergenerational fun – because fun is still possible even though families are affected by Parkinson’s,” she said.

“Many families still return year after year to walk in memory of grandparents and friends who have passed away.”  

Parkinson’s WA CEO Brenda Matthews said she loves the vibrant energy the event brings which spans generations and familial and friendship bonds.

“We all come together with one voice for one purpose, and that is to support those affected by Parkinson’s.” she said.

“We walk as one community to get to know each other, spread the word about living in spite of Parkinson’s, and raise funds.”  

Gates open on Sunday September 11 at 9.30am with the 2km and 5km walks beginning at 11am. For those interested in joining in the fun, celebrating and supporting people with Parkinson’s, more information and registrations can be made by visiting the fundraising site or the Parkinson’s website.

Parkinson’s currently affects 100,000 Australians with 38 people being diagnosed every day. Globally, neurological disorders are the leading cause of disability and of these, Parkinson’s is the fastest-growing degenerative neurological condition with predictions citing that without a medical breakthrough, the number of Australians with Parkinson’s will double every fifteen years. 

For more information about Parkinson’s WA call 6457 7373 or email info@parkinsonswa.org.au 

Founded in 1984, Parkinson’s WA is the peak body and not-for-profit organisation that represents more than 20,000 Western Australian’s affected by Parkinson’s, their families and carers, clinicians and researchers.

The organisation offers a Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service and a variety of Support Networks for people with Parkinson’s and their family carers, as well as educational resources and training for allied health professionals.

More Details About Parkinson’s:

  • As an organisation Parkinson’s WA encourages the use of terminology ‘Parkinson’s’ or ‘Parkinson’s condition’ and not the use of ‘Parkinson’s disease.’  
  • Most of us think of Parkinson’s as a condition that causes tremors and movement problems but it is much more than that and in 30% of cases there is no tremor at all.  Parkinson’s impacts every system in the body; common issues include; tremor, falls, muscle rigidity, slowness of movement, gastro intestinal problems, sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety, sensory changes, speech and swallowing problems, cognitive changes and pain.  
  • Latest research indicates that more than 100,000 people live with Parkinson’s and more than 12,300 cases are diagnosed each year in Australia.  
  • The prevalence of Parkinson’s is higher than many cancers including breast cancer, colorectal, stomach, liver and pancreatic cancer, lymphoma and leukaemia, kidney and bladder, uterine, cervical, ovarian and lung cancer.


Parkinson’s WA – The Niche, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands WA 6009 P 08 6457 7373 F 08 6457 7374

E info@parkinsonswa.org.au  W www.parkinsonswa.org.au  ABN 88 404 764 099