Have a go at Pole Walking – it’s easy and gives a boost to your walking…

Pole walking is a low impact activity which provides a complete body work out for people of all ages. It is a particularly good form of exercise for older people according to health authorities.

Introduced to WA by the Seniors Recreation Council in 2006, more than 7000 people have ‘had a go’ at this activity and many of those continue to walk individually or in pole walking groups across the state.

The concept came about from skiers in Nordic countries who utilised their ski poles to assist in walking the alps in different snow conditions. 

The benefits of adding the poles to walking were found to be a great benefit for walkers and in 1988 manufacture began for specifically made walking poles for this activity.

It is now considered to be one of the best all round low impact workouts for everyone and especially effective for older adults.

Pole walkers use more of their muscles and the activity has a greater intensity increasing fitness and muscle tone quicker and easier than normal walking. 

It builds core muscles in the chest, in the arms, shoulders, abdominals, spine and other core muscles to strengthen and tone on all levels.

It also increases oxygen uptake by up to 45 per cent and has been found to very beneficial to heart health.

The activity actually burns 20 per cent more calories than walking alone and assists balance, stability and mobility.

It’s easy to learn the technique and adapting it as an exercise routine has been found to be very beneficial for people with hip, knee or back problems. 

This type of walking can reduce stress and improve mood and coordination. 

Seniors Recreation Council sell the poles and offer demonstrations for clubs, groups or individuals.

To find out more about it contact the SRC office on 9492 9773.