Seminar on Better Ageing to be held at UWA

Better Ageing – What should we be doing and what should we expect government to do? 

What are the ingredients of ageing better, for individuals and for society? Shedding light on these questions is important as the population of WA is becoming structurally older. 

On Wednesday November 20, The UWA Public Policy Institute will address these questions over breakfast with a distinguished panel led by Dr Andrew Ford, a leading UWA authority on ageing, and senior figures from government, health insurance and the healthcare sector. 

The Panel – Dr Andrew Ford 

Senior Lecturer in Geriatric Psychiatry, UWA 

Andrew is a Senior Lecturer in Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Western Australia and Consultant Older Adult Psychiatrist in the East Metropolitan Health Service. Andrew’s research interests cover a wide area of healthy ageing and mental health outcomes in older adults, including studying risk factors for dementia, psychiatric sequelae of stroke and mood disorders in older adults. Andrew’s main research interest is in cognitive and mood research and particularly in prevention and treatment of cognitive and mood disorders in older adults

Mr John Van Der Wielen 

Chief Executive Officer, HBF Health Ltd 

Prior to commencing at HBF Health Ltd in 2017, John spent over 25 years in insurance, wealth management, private banking and investments including executive positions within several global financial services groups. 

Professor Christopher Etherton-Beer 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Internal Medicine, UWA 

Christopher is a Medical Co-Director at Royal Perth Bentley Group, serves on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, the Board of the North Metropolitan Health Service and chairs the Western Australian Therapeutics Advisory Group. 

Ms Jennifer Lawrence (Moderator) 

Chief Executive Officer, Brightwater Care Group 

Jennifer joined the Brightwater Care Group in 2003 and is a strong advocate for change and innovation in the aged care and disability care sectors. She established the Brightwater Research Centre and has published and presented research internationally.

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DATE: Wednesday 20 November 

TIME: 7am-9am 

VENUE: The University Club of Western Australia 

PRICE: From $52.00 | Table of 10 $580.00 

BOOK: Telephone 6488 8770  Online: