A celebration of West Australian Stories and Storytellers

Ernie Dingo. Photo by Julia Rau

An intimate dining event with Ernie Dingo and Naomi Pigram with West Australian Opera and Wildflower.

Bran Nue Dae is one of the most beloved West Australian stories ever told and the Jimmy Chi-penned classic is set to make it’s highly-anticipated return to Perth this February in a new production featuring legendary actor, Ernie Dingo. To celebrate the homecoming of this cherished work, West Australian Opera together with Wildflower have collaborated on an exclusive dining event – Stories and Storytellers. 

On Monday 3 February, Wildflower will host Stories and Storytellers an intimate dinner that is a celebration of Western Australia’s heritage, history, native produce, stories and storytellers. 

To coincide with the 30thanniversary of the original Bran Nue Dae; Stories and Storytellers will include an exclusive a Q + A discussion between original Bran Nue Dae star, Ernie Dingo who is reprising his iconic role of Uncle Tadpole in this year’s production and Associate Director Naomi Pigram, whose father Stephen Pigram is one of the original Kuckles band members who co-wrote the show’s beloved musical numbers. 

Dingo and Pigram will discuss their memories and connection to the ground-breaking production which was the first ever Aboriginal musical. The two will also share their experiences working with the legendary Jimmy Chi and discuss the significance of the work which 30 years after its debut, remains full of humanity and humour and with a strong social message that is still relevant to our times. 

This intimate event will also include a specially curated menu from Wildflower Head Chef, Matthew Sartori, who will seamlessly combine the artistry of storytelling with the signature culinary artistry of Wildflower. 

“What excites me most about involvement in this event is myself and the team showcasing the amazing native ingredients we are fortunate enough to work with,” says Sartori.

Geraldton kingfish, daikon radish, Geraldton wax, finger lime, river herbs.

“The inspiration behind the menu for this event was not only to showcase what ingredients I feel are at the best at the moment, but to also combine a mix of dishes and preparations we have served in the past, and also some dishes and preparations we are currently developing in the kitchen.” 

Among the many native ingredients, Sartori is looking forward to showcasing on the menu are Geraldton wax, strawberry gum and quandongs which were foraged by Sartori’s father from his hometown of Kalgoorlie. 

Bookings for Stories and Storytellers can be made at West Australian Opera’s website. Tickets are $250 per person or $300 per person with premium Voyager wine matching. Part proceeds from Stories and Storytellers will support West Australian Opera to tour Bran Nue Dae to the Kimberley region in 2020. 

Stories and Storytellers – Wildflower at the State Buildings 6.30pm Monday, 3 February 2020