Review: Flight of Fancy

Filled with comedy, magic, burlesque and singing Whisky A’More’s Flight of Fancy was a fabulous show with many acts that kept the audience enthralled throughout.

Hosted by Andrew Silverwood and his stage kittens Polly St Pearl and Lacy Bass-y they kept the laughs pumping in between acts.

The first performer was Logy on Fire who showed off his vaudevillian style circus tricks involving cigar boxes, his ability to build tension and wow the audience left everyone wanting more.

The amazing stage kittens Polly St Pearl and Lacy Bass-y showed that they weren’t just pretty faces and performed a fantastic feline burlesque tease.

Scotland’s Elliot Bibby’s magic tricks had the audience participating in mindreading, card tricks sprinkled with lots of humour and quick-thinking proving why he is the Scottish Magician of the Year. I’ve seen quite a few magic shows this Fringe season, but no one kept me questioning the tricks like he did.

Host Andrew keeps the laughs coming commenting between acts with comments, “I could do that, I just don’t want to” and asking the audience, who wanted to take the stage and give burlesque a go.

Trigger Happy and Baron Von Envy the team from Improlesque made the audience choose their song and dance style to perform. No Scrubs by TLC in the style of ballet was chosen and the two showed off their moves and improvisation.

After a quick intermission the next act was the extraordinary Clara Cupcakes with her vintage 20s style Charleston hoop burlesque routine.

Comedian Elf Lyons had us in hysterics with her ability for dialect changes from French to English and back again creating a fun silly act. She had the audience enthralled with her ability to explain ballet using stationery, cutlery and storytelling that weaved together beautifully.

Winner of Burlesque Idol 2018, Dee Dee Luscious gave a winning performance of ‘How to Burlesque’ dressed as a librarian and Malaika Moon’s sultry voice made her the perfect cabaret singer for the night.

Finally, there was Whisky A’More who showed off her Scottish pride, with a burlesque routine in a Braveheart style. A brazen performance Whisky brandished her shield and sword and had the audience cheering and clapping as she stripped off her kilt and armour.

Though Fringe is now over I can’t wait to see what this incredible selection of performers will bring to next year’s festival.

Start planning now Perth…