Review: Matt Hale’s MINDFOOLNESS

Last night my month of Fringe World fun began, and I was lucky enough to see the world premiere of Matt Hale’s new show Mindfoolness.

Or actually be a part of it, as this Fringe World reviewer will put her hand up for anything and everything.

Matt is a comedic hypnotist and started the show by solving an impressive maths problem drawing the audience in with his charismatic energy.

He even including a chicken, albeit a toy in reference to his previous show which was 100 per cent chicken free.

I was very keen to experience being hypnotised and being part of the entertainment for the majority of the show is definitely a different experience.

Though still aware of all my surroundings I just had to focus and relax listening to Matt’s voice, as I was “put under”.

The 7 of us left in the hypnotic state during the show

During the performance if you’re not able to relax or focus enough Matt will kindly suggest you would enjoy the show back in your original seat.

Without giving away too many details I played the piano and went on a huge rollercoaster ride.

Being aware of your surroundings means I still found my fellow volunteers very entertaining but you’re so focussed on what you’re doing.

Photo bombing with Matt Hale

I had a lot of people came up afterwards and ask me what it was like and the only way to describe for me is it’s very similar to practising mindfulness like the app headspace or savasana in yoga practise.

If you are up for it and able to relax into that state of mind I would recommend it either for yourself or for your friends and family to have a laugh!

With no two shows being the same as there will always be a different group of volunteers each night.

Matt Hale did impress me and got many laughs from my guest Dan. I’d love to see the show again as an audience member!

After the show Adam and I still photo bombed Matt!

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