Review: Fat Girls in Bike Shorts

“Body shaming never made anyone like cake less.”

Meet Rosie and Kellee two girls who are on a mission to empower audiences to become comfortable in their own skin all with a large serving of laughs.

With original songs detailing the problems we have in summer from chafing or ‘chub rub’ to the Cliché Blues with all the tips on how to look attractive when overweight.

Comedy sketches included chafing emergencies, workouts on stage, bridesmaid dress shopping and everything in between gave non-stop laughs.

The girls delivered their message of ‘You gotta, love, love, love, love who you are!’ as they share stories of their own insecurities and how to work through them, as your self-worth isn’t based on your appearance but on what’s inside and how you behave.

These girls are not afraid to show us their imperfections and empower the audience with their message – it’s a fabulous show with singing, ‘dance’, comedy and I must mention Lewis the accompanying pianist who steals the show at the end…  you’ll just have to see the show to see what happens.

Kellee and Rosie have created a show with a powerful message which is executed in a fun and entertaining way. We all have insecurities no matter who we are and this show reminds us to love ourselves for who we are!

Fat Girls in Bike Shorts

13-18 February at 8.30pm
Circus Theatre at Fringe Central

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