Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Argyle pink diamond exhibition

Look, and please touch, the most beautiful hand-crafted diamond pieces at a new and free interactive exhibition at Nina’s Jewellery in Dunsborough this summer. 

Crescendo proudly presented by Nina’s Jewellery, tells a precious Western Australian story in an exquisite exhibition of ten pieces ranging in value from $78,000 to $285,000 that feature exceedingly rare Argyle Pink Diamonds from the now closed Argyle Diamond Mine. 

The $1.7 million CRESCENDO exhibition comprises of a total of 840 diamonds, 404 Argyle Pink Diamonds and more than 16 carats of total weight in the collection of ten stunning pieces that took more than 575 production hours to complete. 

Nina’s general manager of product and finance Shivangi Modi says the pieces are representative of the care and quality taken with all of Nina’s creations. 

“Crescendo is a collection of distinctive pieces that all contain a multitude of tiny details that combine into one extraordinary whole, a creation of sublime beauty,” Ms Modi says. 

“Our point of difference is that we actively encourage people to try our jewellery on – even pieces valued at close to $300,000. 

“Crescendo, while grand, won’t be locked away in a vault. We want people to touch, feel, and see the incredible craftsmanship and discover the hidden details in the extraordinary settings, some of which only the wearer can see.” 

The team at Nina’s is committed to offer an inclusive and exceptional experience to every person who enters the doors. 

Come in, try on, get the photo for Insta and enjoy a rare opportunity to be dripping in exquisite and incomparable diamonds at Nina’s Jewellery this summer. 

Take advantage of Nina’s Jewellery free jewellery clean and leave with a little more sparkle. 

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