Innovative campaign inspires healthy eating and heart awareness

In November, Heart Foundation WA is challenging West Australians to say “No” to junk and “Yes” to healthy food alternatives to help us fight heart disease in WA.

The newly launched No Junk November campaign is aimed at loosening the grip junk food has on eating habits and raising funds for lifesaving research and prevention programs.

High in fat, salt and sugar, overconsumption of easy-to-grab junk food is a problem for everyone of all shapes and sizes.

The campaign is a “wake-up call” for West Australians and a challenge to learn how to curb urges, eat more fruit and vegetables and kickstart a healthier eating pattern by pledging to give up junk food for the 30 days of November.

Go without your key junk food weakness (eg. mid-morning biscuit or afternoon chocolate bar) or take the ultimate challenge and give up all junk food.

Participants are asked to donate the money that they would have spent on junk food during November – as well as other donations from family and friends – to the Heart Foundation to fund research and prevention.

Alarmingly, the progress made against heart disease – the leading single cause of death in WA – has slowed down and Australian households are already spending 58 per cent of their food budget on discretionary or “junk” food and drink.

“Junk food is energy-dense food that contains a lot of sugar, fat and salt but very few other nutrients that nourish the body,” said Maurice Swanson, Heart Foundation WA chief executive (who is giving up his junk food weakness – sour cream and chilli chips).

“We are hoping that NJN will help alert West Australians to the consequences of regular junk food consumption, so that when they are rushing through their busy day they can make an informed decision about what they want to buy and what they put in their body.”

“In particular, the Heart Foundation is urging people to consider heart health when making food choices. In Australia, the risk of dying from heart disease has more than halved since the late 1960s, but recently we have seen an alarming slow-down in that rate of decline.”

Heart Foundation WA will support you on your fundraising journey with tips on how to spread the word, ask family and friends for support and share your healthy eating journey ( (#nojunknovember).