Shh… Hidden Gem Mobility Supplier in Australia


If you’re looking for an electric wheelchair in Australia, then we found a gem of a business that offers old fashioned service with compassion and understanding of your situation.

Your world is changing, and so should you to help meet your needs so you can engage with your community to help lessen the feeling of isolation, loneliness, and depression.

AbbiCare equipment is delivered all over the country, from northern Queensland all the way to Hobart, which is quite an impressive feat considering there are many people on my aged care and NDIS packages, not forgetting that a mobility supplier from Perth is distributor to the rest of the country.

Established in 2016 with one electric wheelchair and their range have increased from heavy duty chairs to super lightweight that can easily be folded and put into the boot of a car. AbbiCare also have an Australian designed and Australian first power chair that has a passenger trailer that can be added for a carer or partner to drive from the rear and ideal for an elderly couple or even taking the grand children out for some fun.

Their motto “We’ll help change your world” is certainly true to the words as they are not the biggest mobility supplier but certainly have a well thought out range to meet the needs of the elderly.

The abbicare 17 and abbicare 18 super lightweight electric wheelchairs weighing in at the model numbers, ideal to put them into the boot of a car and the abbicare 18 being an auto folding chair and unique.

To help with lifting, they have the VULCAN battery powered lifter that can assist to lift your chair and slide it into your boot.

Their Core range is the NAVIGATOR range which comprises of:

  • Navigator – A heavy duty chair that will drive over most surfaces including wet grass up a hill.
  • iNavigator – Same as the Navigator but has a display joystick and can be remotely used by an App.
  • Navigator Split system chair that when split, each part weighs only 13kg, and takes about 10 seconds to split.
  • Navigator Auto-Folding – ideal if you want folding assistance.

AbbiCare also introduced the first ever power assisted rollator, ZUBU BRAND, that doubles up as an electric wheelchair. Yes, you heard that right, a rollator walker, and an electric wheelchair all in one. 


The ZUBU BRAND 2in1 electric rollator has a falls prevention gyro sensor that when used as a walker, can sense your forward fall, and will stop to help prevent you from a possible major injury.

The ZUBU BRAND electric walker is the first introduced into Australia and has revolutionized how the elderly can gain more freedom and is used widely on cruise holidays that people love to go on.

Electric walker

Their shop is quite modest and certainly comes under the phrase of ‘little hidden gem’ and when speaking to Rod, you will notice the difference on how he cares as his personal experience is what led him to establish AbbiCare over five years ago.

AbbiCare specialize in lightweight foldable power chairs to help promote independence and even have a luxury front and rear wheel drive power chair with all the electric trimmings that when folded, can still be remotely driven into the boot of your vehicle called the Kmini.

If we have wetted your appetite about this little hidden gem, then go to the power chairs on the abbicare website, or if your liking is swayed for the Power Rollators. They also have the USA power assisted 2in1 walker version called Wheelator.

AbbiCare have a zero-gravity power chair that reduces lower back pressure and can fit in the back of your vehicle called Q and comes in two models, Q7 & Q9 which more information can be found on the product page.

Q line

When navigating through their website they also have an SOS Safety Pendant called BEACON that can also be hired at affordable prices so if you are looking for a pendant on your package, be sure to ask your provider to look at the BEACON.

AbbiCare seem to have covered a wide range of assistive equipment to meet the needs of everyone and you will be doing yourself a favour by asking your occupational therapist to look at their range as even their Google reviews are impressive. We highly recommend the visit to their shop.

LOCATED: Pearsall Business Centre, 4/8 Villanova Street, Wanneroo 6065. ( 2 mins from Ocean Reef exit)