Feet are the foundation of good health

As your feet are your foundation, any imbalances, collapsed or high arches can cause rolling in or out, encouraging problems to rise up into the body wearing down your joints and resulting in aches, pains and unnecessary problems. 

Imbalances can lead to bunions, heel spurs, neuroma’s, plantar fasciitis, ankle, knee, hip, back, neck, or postural problems. 

People spend so much money trying to find comfortable shoes, and searching for chiropractors, physiotherapist, podiatrists, and doctors for temporary solutions, costing thousands of dollars. Medications, cortisone injections and pain killers are only a band-aid and lead to more problems down the path. 

A FREE foot assessment can end all searching. Perth Corrective Orthotics review the findings from your assessment and let you know based on the findings, the impact on your body. 

They will custom fit your orthotics based on the bone structure of your foot and let your body give feed back straight away. You will feel taller, straighter, balanced, and more importantly notice the relief in the body as pressure is taken off the joints as all of your arches are fully supported. 

Perth Corrective Orthotics have been looking after people for nearly 50 years, with a 98 per cent success rate. Unlike most orthotics on the market, their orthotics, flex, correct, and support all three arches not just one like most others. 

A positive change in your arch is very notable within about six months to one year, because their Orthotics flex just like nature intended, improving blood flow and strengthening your arch. 

They help people from young to old, including athletes, dancers, workers in work boots, women who wear high heels or people who are on their feet all day, growing children to older people, to help prevent falls and give balance and quality of life back. 

Perth Corrective Orthotics offer of a FREE No obligation Foot and Postural Alignment Consultation: book yours today.  Call NOW for your FREE Assessment – Nadine – 0422 414 113.

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