Closed: Film Review:A Quiet Place – a modern thriller

Thrillers have been dominating the big screen and I haven’t been disappointed with the offerings even growing to like the genre with so many of the current films winning me over.

John Krasinski makes his directorial debut with A Quiet Place starring himself, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe as a family under attack from alien creatures.

We don’t learn much about these creatures except they are superfast, blind and hunt by sound. To survive they have learnt to live as silently as possible going barefoot everywhere, following paths of sand to silence their footsteps and communicating via sign language.

The intensity of the movie is heightened by the silence making any noise trigger your anticipation of danger and my heart raced throughout the film.

The other element that added an extra level of intensity was the family dynamic and parental responsibilities that Krasinski and Blunt brought to the screen with the actors being married in real life. This brought an intense chemistry and dynamic to the screen.

I always really enjoy watching Emily Blunt she is an actress who can cross so many genres and is a pleasure to watch on screen and she didn’t disappoint.

Crossing genres with horror, thriller and science fiction A Quiet Place enthrals the audience with, held breaths, gasping and I’m sure a few hands clasping tightly while eagerly awaiting the next scene.

To survive you can’t make a sound… Would you make it?

PS Don’t eat during this movie – it just doesn’t work in the cinema!

In cinemas 5 April.

Win Win Win

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