Decluttering after the loss of a loved one brings a new look


I would like to broach a sad subject – the loss of a partner or family member. The reason that I am bringing this up is that my step-father has just passed away and so my mother now has to go through her house to gather clothes, shoes and a plethora of tools, cables, electrical bits and bobs to give away or sell. 

It’s a massive job, we just have to do a bit at a time. It occurred to me that obviously this is happening to someone every day and it’s a very hard but necessary part of the process of moving on. 

My mother said she was looking forward to having the house a bit more ‘girly’ and being able to reduce the number of household items that were required to service two people and generally streamline cupboards, wardrobes and the garage.

I’m looking forward to helping her change the furniture around, finally finish some renovation work and making the house a bit more suited to her new lifestyle. 

Becoming an empty nester this year and having to downsize my own home required me to reduce a lot and make my new place about me. 

These steps certainly helped me through that initial experience of grief when my daughter moved to Sydney. It’s also been exciting to see her expressing her gorgeous young self in her Sydney apartment with some tips and tricks she learnt from me.

I love my little apartment and living on my own now, it’s so liberating. Reducing, decluttering and freshening up your home is rewarding. If you are staying in the marital home, it is a fantastic way to enjoy it for however long you want to. When you are ready to move and downsize, the massive job of cleaning out and streamlining your furniture and household items has already been done, making a move far easier. 

Following your heart and expressing yourself and your taste within your four walls is not only a source of joy but creatively satisfying, as is the lifestyle derived from it. 

Don’t procrastinate when thinking about having a good clean out and remember that I’m a phone call away for any advice or to help steer you in the right direction or suggest good quality and reliable trades. 

Never underestimate how small changes can make a big difference. Try repositioning the furniture in a room, painting a feature wall a colour that compliments it or take a piece of artwork that would look amazing with that new wall. 

It never ceases to amaze me what people have but do not make the most of. 

I do get a lot of “wow I never thought to do that” comments. But it’s also about having the fresh eyes to take on my client’s homes that always seems to work well. 

I like to encourage people not be afraid to make a bold statement when decorating nor of doing something which stands out for that wow factor. 

I’m not talking about garishness but just a styled look that is about who you are and what you love. 

Colour and even feature wallpaper can be something to think about this month and how just a small change like that can make a nice impact to your home beautiful.