Let the Virtual Games Begin!

Scottish Highland Games Dancing
Dancers at the 2019 Scottish Highland Games

The scene is set; a summer’s day, a lush Scottish glen, centuries of history, competitors ready to battle it out… It’s Scotland’s iconic Highland Games – but not as we know it.

For the first time ever, everyone will have an opportunity to see the Scottish Highland Games because it’s going virtual. 

To combat COVID restrictions, the games will be held online, giving everyone in the world an opportunity to watch.

The Cowal Highland Gathering’s virtual event will take place between the 27th to 29th of August. 

The event, which will celebrate it’s 126th year, will include previous year’s interviews, music and a five km virtual run which spectators can take part in, on their Facebook and Youtube pages.

The Braemar Royal Highland Gathering will take place on the 12th of September on their website, and offers a jam-packed program. 

This year will be the first time since World War Two that the games won’t take place.

The Highland Games are a traditional feature of summer across Scotland, particularly in rural areas.

Dating back more than 1000 years, Highland Games are a celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture, centred around a variety of competitions such as heavy athletics, piping, drumming and Highland dancing.

Visit Schotland’s Homemade Highland Games encourage viewers to participate in their own games, with household items.

The organisation suggests viewers get together in clans and hold games line a sheaf toss, by using brooms to hurl pillows as far as they can; a hammer toss with wellington boots; or traditional game of tug of war. 

The events can be accessed by the blue links above or on their websites: www.cowalgathering.com and www.braemargathering.org.