True love remains strong after nearly five decades…

After nearly 50 years of marriage, love lives on for Mercyville resident Jennifer Rogers and her American-born husband David, who are set to spend their 49th Valentine’s Day together this week.

The couple met in South Vietnam in 1971, when Malaya-born Jennifer was employed as a nurse at a child convalescence centre, and David was a civilian contractor employed on behalf of the U.S. Army.

The couple married on 27 May 1972 at St Michael and All Angels Church in North Beach, after which they headed back to the West Coast of America for a couple of years before returning to Perth in 1974 and going on to have two sons.

“Jennifer and I were very lucky, we picked the right people and I owe an enormous amount to her, she has taught me so much throughout our lives together,” says David, who visits his wife at the Mercy Health-run not-for-profit home in Craigie every day.

“My wife has always had a wonderful sense of humour, and she introduced me to classical music after training as a classical pianist when she was young, and which I have loved ever since. Perhaps most importantly, she also introduced me to the benefits of dental floss,” David laughs.

“I think that there is no such thing as a completely smooth marriage, but give-and-take is a big thing, as well as mutual respect and lots of humour, which we have always shared.

“We have always been devoted to each other, and even though she now lives at Mercyville because of her advanced Alzheimer’s, I visit her every day and we enjoy walking around the gardens together as part of our usual morning routine.”

Mercyville Service Manager, Alison Devonport, says couples like Jennifer and David epitomise Valentine’s Day, demonstrating total loyalty to each other, as well as love.

“Jennifer and David’s partnership is a really wonderful example of a very happy and committed marriage,” Alison says. 

“It will be wonderful to see them celebrate Valentine’s Day. David visits Jennifer every day without fail at Mercyville, and it’s clear to see that the couple absolutely adore each other.”