Ending loneliness through the gift of time…

There’s often a spotlight on loneliness during the Christmas/New Year period, but sadly some West Australian seniors experience social isolation and a lack of companionship all year-round.

Even living in a vibrant residential aged care setting doesn’t guarantee elderly people will find it easy to mix or make meaningful connections with others.

Leading aged care provider, Baptistcare, is tackling the issue of loneliness among their residents by building an amazing intergenerational volunteer community. 

Through the gift of their time, visitors ranging from kindergarten students to retirees in their 80s are adding diversity and richness to life in its 11 metropolitan and regional residential care facilities with everything from iPad lessons and pet therapy to board game sessions and armchair golf.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to give back to the community, why not become a Baptistcare volunteer? 

Find at more at www.baptistcare.com.au/volunteering