Feeling the sand between their toes…

Seniors from Regis Nedlands had the opportunity to feel sand between their toes, the salty, sea air on their face and even have a swim for the first time in decades last week, thanks to lifestyle staff at the popular western suburbs aged care home. 

Organised by Lifestyle Coordinator, Liz Armijo Gatica and her team of care companions, the trip to Leighton beach was also supported by the City of Fremantle, which provided a beach walker and beach wheelchair – purposely designed for use on sand – free of charge.

“It was wonderful to be instrumental in taking our residents on a trip to the beach, and also to find a way to do this safely without the concern of falls, thanks to the City of Fremantle and its loan of beach equipment for people with mobility issues,” said Liz.

“You could see the happiness on the faces of our residents David, Valerie, Marie, Nesta and Joan, they all loved the trip, particularly being able to dip their feet in the ocean after so long.”

All of the residents involved in the excursion were avid swimmers and beach goers in their younger years, making it even more poignant that several had not had the opportunity to go for a swim in the ocean for several decades. 

Regis Nedlands General Manager, Sam Waldron, said the beach outing was not only a great way for residents to get some vitamin D, but that the sensory experience was also a fantastic way to increase overall happiness and decrease stress levels.

“Everyone would agree that our beaches here in Perth offer the most beautiful natural landscapes, and when a number of our residents expressed a desire to visit the beach to experience the waves and the soft sand beneath their feet, our team went all out to make sure it happened,” he explains. 

“For many, it brought back happy memories of childhood and I think it’s safe to say that everyone involved just loved the experience, so much so that they are keen for another visit next month which, thanks to the loan of mobility equipment from the City of Fremantle and our dedicated lifestyle staff, we will make sure takes place.” 

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