Videos give guidance for aged care…

Bethanie is pleased to have launched the first four videos in an animated series, designed to break down some the difficult concepts in the aged care sector and make accessing support more user-friendly.

The videos were produced in collaboration with subject matter experts across the organisation, with the videos covering the following topics:

  • How do I access aged care?
  • What is the difference between all the services offered?
  • What to expect when going into aged care.
  • What to expect when moving to a retirement village.

The videos are short and sharp, and designed to provide a snapshot of introductory information for anyone thinking about taking some of these steps.  They are a springboard for bigger conversations, and we hope people will be empowered to start their aged care decision-making. 

“The aged care system is complex and can be overwhelming,” said Bethanie CEO Chris How.

“Often people are looking for help when they need it urgently; we’d like them to think about some of the important steps well in advance, so when and if they really need support, they are ready to access it.”

There are many more videos in the planning phase, including community and home care.  

Check out the videos at