Perth volunteers needed for statin-gut research

West Australian researchers investigating the effect of cholesterol-lowering statin medications on the bacteria that live in our gut are looking for volunteers for a new study.

Non-smoking men and women aged 35 to 55 with high cholesterol and high blood sugar who live in Perth and are not currently taking any medication are eligible to take part.

The Curtin University research led by Professor Fergal O’Gara and part-funded by an $80,000 Diabetes Research WA grant, ultimately hopes to reduce cases of type 2 diabetes linked to the use of statins by designing new strategies to control the composition of gut bacteria in people who require statin therapy

Earlier phases of the project have discovered that, in mice, statin consumption changes the composition of the intestinal bacteria leading to higher weight gain and blood glucose levels, which are linked to type 2 diabetes. 

By better understanding the contribution of changes in the intestinal bacteria following statin treatment, we will be able to.

To volunteer for the study, which has been approved by the Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee, please contact Natalie Ward, or 9266 4188.