Improve your balance and reduce falls

Learn how to improve your strength and flexibility doing restorative yoga while making new friends

As we age, we realise the need for proactive engagement when it comes to overall health and look for ways to live better so we can feel more energetic and live independently.

Yoga is perfect for seniors who are looking for exercise that is balanced, 

suitable for various abilities and provides maximum health benefits.

Benefits of yoga for seniors

Restorative yoga, where practitioners are supported with the use of props to attain particular ‘passive’ yoga poses, is especially beneficial for seniors who need gentle exercise.

It enhances your balance by improving strength and flexibility. As your balance improves, you reduce the likelihood of falls and gain in confidence to go out with friends.

Your quality of life improves as yoga helps with pain management by combining gentle movement with deep breathing. It’s great for those suffering from arthritis, helping to create space in and around the joints as well as relieving pressure generally in areas of chronic pain.  This relief and increased blood flow enables longer term benefit so that practitioners frequently report general ongoing improvement for conditions involving chronic pain. 

Your gut health also improves as the yoga detoxes your liver and kidneys, enhancing digestion and reducing gut pain.

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